Brandon Brooks and Sheldon Rankins suffer serious injuries


Injury. But an achilles tendon tear is rough especially if you're a big dude like those guys are and get it in January. I mean that certainly puts their seasons next year at least being back for the start of next season. Certainly puts that in jeopardy as for the bears while man. It was pretty obvious from their head coach matinee that he feels like it's about we not me with the team. And he felt like Cody parkey going on good morning. America was today show, whatever he went on that that was sort of a selfish thing that made it about him. He didn't seem real real keen on that. And then the GM Ryan pace said that positions at priority. The hime four year twenty million dollar deal with nine million dollars fully guaranteed. That's amazing. That's unbelievable. That's just crazy. I might even ask have to ask Andrew about that one. And then colts GM Chris Ballard. I just think he would need to be blown away to give up perset. I think he's smart enough that to realize nobody's gonna give him enough. It's worth not having perset as a backup quarterback. Jim, even you know the injury history of Andrew luck. I think he just probably being realistic about it as much as

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