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So two names Marie CO poach Tino Maria Patino is the current manager of Tottenham Hotspur reecey Tino has been asked about this job before he's been rumored to be on Manchester United's list. And there is growing. What's the word skepticism that he will remain at Tottenham after this year? And there is rumors. Rumors have it that he will be joining Manchester United's their next coach. What do you think about this for receive putsch Tina who's been the ton of coach for few years? Now, do you think this would be the right move for him Tom's in a better position? But it's not nearly as big of a clove is Manchester. You feel like if he follows the money it's command United. But like if you have a good thing running with this the Tottenham team like it's har-, that's tough choice. Man. It's like it's like Sophie's choice. I mean, you gotta pick like either one he's gonna be fine in the long run. Like, it's not like going to a worse team. Like you're going to a team. That's in a rebuilding period. Sure. But bottom line is you're gonna get more money. Hopefully, the front office will help you out. You said something very important money not just for his pockets. But here's the thing that Marie soup Tino. Taught them Hotspur has been building a very good program under his watch. He's been overlooking. Some of the best years and Tottenham club history. At least in the last twenty to thirty years. However. He is frustrated because this team this club. Did not by anybody in the summer. They did not open the pocket books. They were the only team Jeff in the first and second division of England to not by a single player. Not one not one that's bad. The first team. I believe it was the first team first team ever. But it's the first team in a long time. It's not that's been that so Manchester United although they may have been a little stingy with opening the pocket books here in the last six months to year for for for Marino. They have more money. They're not scared of spending it they have made some of the biggest signings ever, they continued to make some some of the most money in the world if not the most of any club, so poach Tino is so frustrated by the lack of progression at Tottenham because of the lack of money that they're spending into the club that might much. Over the edge to move. You can go to United and do exactly what he's been doing. And it's funny because Patino just came out recently said he doesn't expect any signings for his Tottenham club in the winter because next month the transfer window because they don't have any money to spend. He says it sound a little frustrated. So there are growing rumors that he will be the next coach Manchester United. I personally think that would be a good move because poacher Tino has shown the ability to coach well and go against teams that have more money than his and he's shown the ability to change the way he plays which is another quality factor. He's good at it dappling. Yes. Sometimes we see taught him the three man backline more of a three five two. We've seen them play four three one. I think that's what he prefers most. But we've seen him do different things and adapt on the fly. I'm not so sure that he's the best big game integer because he hasn't really played any big games. That's problem. However, I think as tactician good. I think. As a as a soccer mind. He's very good. I think that'd be a positive. However, there is a wild card here though..

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