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To police as you'll recall Christopher Davalos claimed he left his car with the motor running in the doors unlocked. It a strip center parking lot off and Riquet Barrera to go into a store, and when he came back the woman who seat on the video had stolen the car and police even later released photographs taken by surveillance video of a woman carrying a car seat. But now they've determined that that was not only entirely staged. But there was a. Third person who is involved in. This who is the person who took anti Torres to the location and dropped her off. So she could walk to the car and steal the car to make all this look like this little baby was kidnapped as part of a car theft. When in reality police say now that was not the case. The police chief obviously has no time whatsoever for the Davila family at this point. You'll recall we were talking yesterday about how the family was telling anybody who would listen that the police were incompetent. They were bundling the investigation they were doing their own investigation. Trying to throw police off with fake leads. The chief said Christopher Davalos has spent more time since he's been in jail talking to the media then talking to his own detectives, and he said in very very sternly. This is a quote, he said, even if you're not directly involved in this. If you are withholding information or you have lied to the police, we will charge you at the conclusion of this investigation. So the chief has had up to here with this case, obviously this baby is in grave danger. And hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of this sometime today, but it is a very disturbing case. Dow to say the least all right news director, Jim foresight morning, commentary gyms back again at eight ten a its charity McCurdy for Belgians automotive. In temperatures are all over the place. We get into the high sixties for days, then bam. Here comes another big freeze. Don't get.

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