Samsung will not give up on Bixby

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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com with wicks you can use artificial design intelligence to create a stunning website right from your phone in five minutes or less. Just go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your professional website today. Alexa, Siri Google assistant and fix big. Now, I am Jefferson Graham with USA listen talking tech. I am at the consumer electronic show just let the Samsung press conference where they talked over and over again about Bixby and all the devices that Bixby will be in. We are here with the deans of voice computing, coverage bread can sell and Eva much ller from voice spot dot, a I I was pretty surprised Brett about how much they were talking about Bixby they weren't giving up on Bixby whatsoever. And you were surprised that I was surprised. Absolutely. So I just was at the Samsung developer conference in the beginning of November and probably half of the conference was devoted to Bixby. And really what they've stressed is that they are on the same path of what they announced last year is to bring Bixby, and they're a platform to all of their devices by the end of twenty twenty which will. Be five hundred million devices annually that'll have Bixby access. So what we've seen so far is that Bixby is a big deal to them. And they're moving forward. I will say that the developer conference also was a little bit different than last year because we saw Bixby to Dotto which introduced entirely new technology, and that's part of the vivid acquisition that they made in two thousand sixteen whereas the other Bixby that we heard about in the past didn't work. So well was actually a legacy project and expect to be sunsetted this year to very little distribution in. So Samsung with Bixby it's all about the potential of what they can do because they do sell more appliances anyone else. They dominate smart TV's. They are the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. So they have distribution. They just haven't put it out there yet in a meaningful way they've had a couple of false starts. So the question now is in two thousand nineteen and twenty twenty can they really get their act together. And we'll consumers at that point say, yes, I wanna use Bixby in in that will only happen if they haven't already. Formed habits and preferences around Alexa, and Siri and Google assistant. Ava refrigerators stoves, washing machines, dishwashers TV's, we heard Samsung. It's basically in every product how big of a challenge is is it going to be for Samsung to get consumers thinking about hey Bixby. Do something for me compared to the other voice assistance is going to be difficult because people have already started established habits around Amazon. Alexa, Google assistant. And yes, the idea in theory of having one assistant to do everything for us on it's great. But Samson's real challenge is getting third party, developers and board. I think the only mentioned Uber, and I heart radio as two of the third party. And as a consumer you want some that's gonna do everything. I mean, Alexa has over sixty thousand skills. Google is in over one hundred million hundred Google assistant is available in over a billion devices today. So we're talking about five hundred million devices in twenty two. Twenty annually, and that's a big deal. But right now, people are forming habits people are choosing which voice assistance are using. And it's gonna be a tough habit to break if it gets formed over the next year. So Samsung not giving up on Bixby doubling down. You'll see a lot more Bixby in Samsung products. You heard it here from the Consumer Electronics Show twenty nineteen with bread concil and either much ller from voice spot dot A, B sure to check them out check out their podcast or newsletter their website, they're everything keep on subscribing to talking tech lacrosse on apple podcasts and Stitcher. And thanks everyone. For listening. Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. When you're ready to get your website up and running you wanna be able to do it quickly and efficiently and wicks dot com. Got you covered they developed artificial design intelligence that creates a stunning website for you with wicks, you can create your own professional website right from your phone, which means you can open your own online store portfolio or blog wherever you are. How's that for efficient? Just go to wicks dot com. Decide what you need a website for pick your style at your own images link your social accounts and just like that your website is ready. You look amazing on every device desktop and mobile and it takes less than five minutes. Plus, you can do it with one hand. So it's time to get started. Go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your very own beautiful professional website today.

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