News in Brief 18 January 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations in Zimbabwe violence and the reported deadly use of live. I mean ish in by security officials against protestors should be investigated thoroughly and transparently the UN human rights office. OH HR said on Friday. The development comes amid a socio economic crisis in Zimbabwe and protests following the government's decision to increase fuel. Prices UN spokesperson Ravina Chamdo sunny called on the authorities to ensure that the country's security forces us firearms in line with international human rights law. She also noted that access to the internet and social media messaging applications have been cut the bottom line is that the use of live ammunition by security forces was used excessive force was used. We don't have verification of the exact number of people who were killed or injured. But there are doctors associations that are putting numbers out there like the more than sixty people were treated in hospitals for gunshot wound. Ends. And this is not the way to react to the expression of economic grievances. By the population countrywide more than six hundred people have been arrested in the demonstrations today, according to Zimbabwe's minister of national security, MS Chamdo, sunny noted reports suggesting that protesters have burned tyres barricaded roads and set buildings on fire aid deliveries have been cut to tens of thousands of people in troubled northeast, Nigeria following an attack on a military base. And a camp for the displaced in the town of ran urine. An the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs said on Friday that the assault by an armed group. Started at dusk four days ago and continued the next day several civilians were reportedly killed and a medical clinic and warehouses with supplies were looted and destroyed his spokesperson Samatha Newport. Speaking from a Buddha camp is home to over seventy thousand people. There are already a lot of people mainly women. And children taking refuge in towns is one of many camps in say, which is the epicenter of crime in northeast Nigeria that has opposed filled over infamy bring country such as chives mesia and Cameroon the attacks on the isolated town of run are increasingly frequent will their conflict in northeast Nigeria dates back ten years. The violence has triggered massive displacement and created a huge humanitarian crisis with more than seven million people in need fourteen aid workers who are in run at the time of the attack have been evacuated. But the town is now inaccessible to international humanitarian organisations by road and air and finally to the Democratic Republic of the Congo who DRC where a high number of cases of infection of Ebola virus are still being reported. According to the UN health agency in a statement, the World Health Organization or WHO said that built up areas of cats health zone in. The east of the country where the worst-affected places in the past week, but there has been a fool in the number of cases in Beni a former disease hotspot, which is a positive indication of how effective the response can be despite multiple challenges. The agency said a reference to the more than one hundred groups in the east of the vast country in the last three weeks seventy nine new cases have been reported from eleven health zones in DRC's, North Kivu and cheery provinces. Latest data indicates they told love six hundred sixty three cases of Ebola virus disease, six hundred and fourteen confirmed and forty nine probable four hundred seven people have died and two hundred thirty seven have been discharged from treatment. Centres fifty nine percent of cases, where female and thirty percent were children under eighteen years old, including a high number of babies and toddlers Daniel Johnson UN news.

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