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The game enjoy the game it is it's going to be held a party now you a kendrick lamar fan at all anthony no so you wouldn't be going to the free concert the free halftime concert which is going to be outside so there's gonna be a concert outside that the public can come to and congregate downtown so they're going to go actually outside the stadium to the concert live outside we kendrick lamar about the i did see that but mia i hope no one was to do his music cno thick see this is the difference for college football as they picked a place in atlanta that actually he got ten thousand four hundred hotel rooms in walking distance to the stadium you have the entire centennial olympic park district where you could host the concerts and everything like that that everybody can walk to the bars the rest rods the public transportation that can take you straight to the airport this is the the difference in this is why atlanta has the college football national championship game this year next february will host the super bowl and the year after that will host the final four in asia that they're really there there's nothing like it to be able to just have everybody have all of those options right there i'm a big fan my favorite super bowl city and i've said it many many times before absolute favorite super bowl cities new orleans i think just and and what sets that apart is the.

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