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From the beacon Plumbing, Sports desk and promos. Bill Swartz the storm hanging out in Georgia, looking for some ways to double up the dream. Seattle improved 82 in the W. N B a season with a 95 71 victory in Atlanta. The defending champs broke open a close first half with great three point shooting, offsetting the dreams, lopsided rebound advantage. It's an area of concern for storm head coach No out quick. One thing that We do give up a lot when we're flying around in trapping is, um, you know, we become vulnerable in that rebounding spot. And so you know, we're we're we're constantly, you know, driving at home that we need to just finish plays off Storm drain meet again in the Peach City tomorrow night, a pair of NBA playoff games on the Thursday Duckett including Steve Ballmer's L. A Clippers at Utah, trailing the Jazz One Love Jonathan Scope, homered, Isaac Parities had to go ahead single. The Detroit Tigers rallied from a first inning hole and took advantage of three errors to beat the Mariners. 8 to 3 this afternoon. Mitch Hanniger put Seattle ahead against Tyler Alexander, where the first of two solo homers, but the Tigers rallied to win two out of three in the series. There's champagne on ice in Vegas, The Golden Knights try to eliminate Colorado in Game six of their National Hockey League playoff. Sports at 10 and 40. After the hour, Bill Schwartz come on here and coming up traffic and weather and the job picture. We'll have the latest number. When you rely on the Internet for everything you need speed that can handle anything. Xfinity delivers WiFi speed faster than a gig. Go online. Call 1 800 Xfinity or visit a store Today, Restrictions apply. WiFi requires big speed.

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