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Which is why we go to our first offense lineman off the board. John Taylor guy who probably slots in for a long-term right tackle spot where he played most of his college ball Todd pretty athletic guy, and you know, for the Jaguar avenue quarterback you'd better find a way to protect to on Taylor's. The possibility Alabama's Joan Williams tackle could move inside to guard or even centers possibility. And then I also wouldn't discount the possibility of TJ Hopkinson tight end from from Iowa. He's the most complete tightened in this class. And they could Nick foles could use kind of security blanket of that position. There has minute tight end drafted that high in a really long time. But I wanted to stop for a moment there because. It's the first time we mentioned enough -fensive linemen. There have been very few of them in the conversation. It feels like in the lead up here. So my sense is this is not a euro. We have one of those rock-solid left tackle them out there for fifteen years ago. We've got a bunch of really good players. Drawn Taylor's right tackle, Jona Williams played left, but also played right. And you could move them inside. Cody Ford's right tackle that will probably kick inside the guard. He's the most athletic Andre Dillard from Washington state, but he's still developing, and I think the interior is the best that we've had in several years with windstream Samir the govern. And then the centers Bradbury is going to be a first round pick out of North Carolina State and Eric McCoy. So you're talking about five potential first round picks at garden center alone. Okay. So I slowed us up there. Once again, my go to the Detroit Lions field who do we have? You just mentioned it's been awhile since a tight end went as high as I'm about to take one which is TJ Hopkinson out of Iowa one of two possible. First round picks tight end out of Iowa fills a need for the lines of did sign Jesse James this here in free agency. But they've revamped this offense and Hopkinton probably the best to face tight end can certainly handle his duties as a run blocker dynamic in the past and Goodyear to come out because Jacksonville can take one Detroit critique on buffalo, Denver Cincinnati. And then at number twelve the Green Bay Packers all have needs at the tight end position. I want to keep it moving because I know what's coming number nine in buffalo. Let's move back. We were just talking about the offense of Lyman and Todd mentioned that Joan Williams played some left Acklin complacent, right? Tackle played guard at the pro level, incredibly smart player, steady dependable if you're gonna play for a long time for Nick Sabin. You're going to probably be pro ready in the bills loaded up on infuriate aside from Mitch Morris. The new center they signed from the Kansas City Chiefs. None of the players. They've added is a surefire long-term picture along the offense of line..

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