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Making a purchasing a plane ticket and you have a representation of a plane in your mind when you're planning this vacation but there's no plane in your environment right now. That's causing that representation. So there's some internal process that causes that representation even though you're not in the presence of planes and and of course there's a million examples of this type that we can use. You can think about things that don't exist and so on and so forth so there's a lot of sophisticated cognitive activity that goes on that requires this kind of internal action computation over internal structures in order to explain by the way this more sophisticated notion for presentation that we talk about. The paper has caused no end of controversy When we presented this material in lots of furious debate. I mean it's actually a very good example and this is very important here of where the philosophies a neuroscientist confused each other. Yeah okay the. It's actually very interesting. That i'm gonna let me just give another that. I can think help if you walk into your front door and you walk to your kitchen okay. You just do it. But if i asked you pull right now tell me how many left towns you take when you walk in the front door of your house to get your kitchen right now. You're going to have to use a representation right. You're going to have to think about the out your house. You're gonna have to imagine yourself looking through it and you're going to have to answer you're gonna have to do computation on that representation which is count. The number of tons per se late it. Yeah you're gonna have to simulated whereas that's not the case when you walk into your house and go to the kitchen. You cashed what you do use cues. You don't have to use a representation like that. That is a vast difference. Okay and that is what this is about now. It's very interesting that philosophers who have tried to naturalize their views representation and stick to the neuroscience what they do in most cases and there are exceptions is they strip the interesting aspect representation this simulation down to impoverished anemic version the representation which is a state that maps i some more physically onto some aspect of the environment. Okay neuroscientist also have that in published view right. It's just some coronation ultimately right so it's very important to realize. Interestingly that in an attempt to get into the neural data the interesting aspect of representation which is is full blown simulation that you efficacy can do which we haven't slightest idea how that happens by the way.

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