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And McLaren was kind of make it or break it kind of move in his career and, you know, this win not only like tells all of us that yeah, he's still got it, but also might remind him as well, you know, he's got the capability of winning races like we've seen him in the past and yeah, just kind of speechless, especially, you know, it's McLaren, you know, everyone's second favorite team, probably, your favorite team. And then Riccardo, who, you know, such a lockable character on the greed, got to say the shoei on the podium as well for a win. And Monza is just one of those special podiums too. So, you know, great place for him to win. That's for sure. Absolutely. Fantastic to see the Shirley back. And great as well for the record, obviously, does that make Italian heritage? You spoke a bit talent as well after the race. That rather the crowd of no end, I'm sure he said some very nice things about them. Yeah, it's just a real feel good win. It's a win that a driver like Ricardo really needed because, you know, he's been doing better, but he needed a podium. He needed a good result, but to get a wing to get McLaren's first win if this new McLaren Mercedes era is massive for them. It's going to provide huge momentum for them going into 2022. But the thing is as well. I mean, obviously, the elephant in the room is that Hamilton has stopped and did they did crash out of the race, but Tom they were genuinely holding both of them up. Ricardo was ahead of Verstappen, Lando was ahead of Louis Hamilton, but both were holding them up and doing so successfully. They never they never really had to get the elbows out properly possibly a few times. So they had legitimately had incredible pace this race. Yeah, join me to talk about the crash course we got on stage. We'll do that after we do a little about McLaren. Yeah, absolutely. I'm more than happy to watch everyone about the camera and the two minutes. Yeah, what a race. You know, local said, first one, two since Canada in 2010. Danny Rick just did Danny Rick's image and it was just a just Danny Rick sings. As you went late onto the brakes in turn one passes on to mate and often went into the distance. Never really under threat, especially with the instant which we'll get onto in a moment. And his teammate was super as well. Lando was really mature. You know, we heard him over the radio, say if you want us to hold possession all the rest of it, it reminds me a lot of was it Eddie Jordan in possibly 98 in spa with, honestly, Damon hill and I kind of hills teammate was Ralph Schumacher. I knew it's a brother. But then obviously I wasn't Michael. But you're reminded me a lot of that whereas we got an opportunity here for some really good points. And they help position they held off enough from Bottas and Perez who was certainly behind. And then obviously, without Hamilton and Verstappen in the picture after about lap 26, yeah, brilliant result. Danny Rick said that he felt this is his best win out of the 80s had..

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