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At indeed dot com slash credit. It's 7 18 traffic and weather on the eights. And when it breaks Jack Taylor's in the W T o P Traffic center right trouble on the Beltway in Maryland topside outer loop is going to be after Coles Hill Road as you head toward Georgia Avenue. You've got the left side of the roadway, tied up with some vehicles and went into the Jersey wall. Do be careful. There's been a crash out of Arnold on route to North bound just north of 50 on 15 and Frederick. North bound his head up towards South Jefferson Street exit 12 We may have had an accident could be a hit and run. Be careful. We also had livestock. There were cows on the roadway out of Tuscarora on 28 near Pleasant View Road. Been a while since we've heard from anybody. Hopefully they've wandered back into a field. You're good on to 70 south. As you wrote down from Frederick headed toward the lane Divide should find nothing in your way. You're in good shape to Prince George's County know where he's on the Beltway itself between Route one in college Park all the way down toward the Wilson Bridge. Little heavier, with some delays in the District D. C to 95 South, leaving Eastern Avenue down toward the invite 11 Street Bridge, Water main break and icy conditions, Clothes Montana Avenue northeast between New York Avenue and W. Street. Cleanup of the debris on Canal Road. Still there, Outbound on Canal Road between Georgetown University and Fox already get left plane getting by in Virginia. The interstates air Quiet 95 3 95 66 4 95, For that matter, 1 23 North bound on top of 66. There was an earlier crash there. You could potentially still be under police direction. Start the new year where your community grows stronger. Joined the Y M C a Today with a $0 enrollment fee to learn more about this offer and the wise safety measures visit why M C A. D c dot or g'kar? Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic Governor joins us here with the forecast and Matt looks like we won't see much of the sun at least for a little while today. Yeah, not too much. Today only peeks of sunshine throughout the mostly cloudy skies as we're on the northern edge of the storm.

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