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Oh that's how that's dewey cock okay that's so mr briley my car was injured it's still injured a bit it's expensive and so let's get the thing going yeah we won't have paper on through you won't be reelected you're born i him let me see this guy for john david brian lancet oh it's not even john no gosh i mean come on the cool glasses like me yeah we got we have a lot in common you are ties were timeshare he's hit a pothole paul yeah everybody in this bill probably put him no purpose what's what's what's the deal he is the eighth mayor of the metropolitan what he was the mayor shit thousands lieutenants whatever's under the mayor were something albums of the mayor he becomes mayor that's what he waits somebody get him on the phone and he talked to this good should be just get him on the oh my did the governor of arkansas not call in governor hutchinson pierre talking about that's true so yeah the mayor governor or the governor by tires bigger the president or war lieutenant governor oh yeah i need to get this mayor on the phone he's if either real mayor or fill in monroe he's the real khan he's been sworn in as the mayor he's a good mayor comebacker no she's very she's still on twitter but she's very little hey written for the happens i'll have time big word i ate us but she's not coming back now maybe eight years taking a break i think she to get off a hope radar or whatever because she put good good ako.

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