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Right now in public life is apologizing pretty much twenty pretty much twenty four seven right. Everyone's the governor Virginia apologizing the attorney general of Virginia apologizing actors apology everyone's coming out and apologizing and I thought I should start tonight show by just coming clean. They've dug up some embarrassing footage of me. Yeah. It's every episode of my show over the last twenty five years. Yeah. I just want to say, I'm sorry. Not good enough. Good morning. It's five thirty nine. Now on Orlando's morning news. I'm Rika Puteaux. And I'm Marsha Taylor. While we've been talking about the chaos in Virginia after the state's three top officials all Dem's are facing accusations and questions about accents all that black face in their past. Here's the latest in Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam has all but vanished. No word from him at all. In nearly a week an avalanche of headlines telling the tale state of turmoil political crisis escalates, what next Virginia's second highest ranking official Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax now fending off an allegation of sexual assault. The state's third highest ranking official attorney general Mark herring. Another democrat also engulfed in scandal. After admitting he wore black face once in the nineteen eighties. And now a fourth top official coming under fire as well. This time a Republican sneaker and apparel company. Adidas is facing a firestorm of criticism for its attempt at creating a special. Shoe in honor of black history month, apparel companies are no stranger to controversy when it comes to certain causes and cultural events, but the Adidas white version of the ultra boost sneaker is an epic failure a white sneaker named uncared to black history month. Reggie Wade with Yahoo finance. He is actually provided a statements. Yahoo finance? They said that what they were going for was the Harlem renaissance white tie, white vests, white jackets, but naming a black history month shoe was probably out of life. The shoe was scheduled to be released earlier this week, but Adidas pulled the sneaker due to the court of public opinion. I'm Tony Marino. See the sneaker and the full story in the news ninety six point five WDBO app is in damage control mode after getting hit with complaints about one of its sweaters. Here's reporter Kathy park, the luxury fashion label apologizing on its website and pulling the item, adding it is fully committed to increasing diversity throughout our organization. The sweater in question is a black turtleneck polls. Over the bottom of the face with a cutout oversized red lips around the mouth was selling for eight hundred ninety dollars.

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