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There this is coast to coast AM with George Noory Retha Franklin of soul that at the age of. Seventy six what a marvelous, talent Glenn Chris Berg. With us we're going to be back with Glenn in. A second he is written a book called spirits, in stone the secrets of, megalithic America an, amazing story something that I didn't get into until I started digesting. As work it's. Really fascinating so we will jump right in when we come back on coast to coast AM bitcoin selling for about sixty five hundred dollars a coin. Right now and I wanted to share some of the most recent feedback from our partners at the Palm Beach letter and take to worries crypto course because ninety seven percent of our listeners that have taken his cryptocurrency course rated at us four or, five star and that's as high as. It gets and here are some of. The comments thank you for demystifying according to Willie Liam Way now to buy my first bitcoin excellent course that's from Brian until. Now I had no idea of far reaching implications of the. Blockchain thank. You that's Mark l. you're looking for an expert and we found one with t. Katori who is a former hedge fund manager who created an educational course to explain what crypto, czar how they, work which ones he recommends and how to buy them and you can check out his exclusive course now sign up by going to top crypto class dot. Com that's the. Website just remember it top, crypto plas dot. Com Angie's.

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