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Thank you being with the possibilities of turning this into a cooking show I've done that yet I was talking about turning on the straight up cooking show Obama won the presidency I just sure no it's a looking with their own fight if I do this cooking with him what about his great recipes what one of the recipes stupid simple and they make it even easier now because they're doing things with tin cans of they never used to do when you for example get pork and beans used into can't open you should know how to use a can opener many kids don't because they don't but you should not use of Derek you know use can opener all right you're the caramel yeah I'm telling you most people don't I'm talking one of them electric ones on track one of them they're handheld ones and you should also know how to open a can with a knife if you have to dangerous guy be careful if you do it right and can hurt yourself stupid simple one line how to open a can with it if you know that one too right Derek how open a tin can with a knife huh huh yeah exactly here's a here's a here's a recipe here okay the ticket box Twinkies I take twenty out and you cut it down the middle you don't cut all the way you want bill spread open like a hot dog bun okay then you put a hot dog inside there with all that white stuff in the Twinkie and you need to cancel that spray they are like a whipped cream type but cheese you know you shake the can upload speed comes up they have what's called goat cheese as you what drew coaches back over the top she got a tricky with a hot dog in it and go Jeez decoratively spread out spread on the hot dog do not cook dot there you go now another cooking with their own she gestures you get yourself pork and beans and you get yourself a loaf of white bread you take a slice of white bread in the film and are you for it folded into sort of like a a U. shaped Cup like a like a tweak you I've just talked about I got I bought a day program means any spoon him into that bread you just push the bread together and eat it that's it there you go I just gave you two of the recipes that will be featured on cooking with a wrong should this program become a cooking show you're welcome I came to you sometime back with a report out of the new American the new American it was a most excellent investigative journalist peace on earth supply chain of the Chinese medication coming into the United States and they laid out chapter and verse how ninety nine point nine percent of our medication supplements vitamins you name it come from between China and India they mainly come out of China in terms of the of the manufacturing putting together simply but a lot of the chemical lot of what's going on comes out of India and that is where we get our you take a blood pressure pressure medication do you use us some type of **** or something do you use some type of well insulin it comes from China they look on the side of the package would you take a vitamin take one a day vitamins look on the side of the package will say something died out of New Jersey those are just the people warehousing and distributing at some manufactured there we turned it over to China because what happened is Ross Perot said all in all that you heard that giant sucking sound of jobs read taken out of America what was going on as they found a Hey the guy in China who work for a dollar a day you know what the end of a better deal because if the people's Republic are brought the Red Army there the communist Iran army they'll bring people out of prison and not more for free and also you work for this guy we want you to to the back of it with the SKS yeah okay I'll take that job will take the job so that's what's going on and the people over here that have these big pharmaceutical companies people I don't like abit whatever little they want while we have to pay these people are twelve Bucks an hour like they were doing before or in fifteen or even twenty yeah Hey we're gonna start manufacturing stuff over there that works great until you find out that well one of the Americans our work that we're doing that work the stuff that's coming here can't get here anymore because they always do that just in time inventory and that's apply chain gets busted up we're just barely starting to see the hints of that now because of this coronavirus so don't think in terms of necessarily the coronavirus is killing you I mean maybe who knows to think in terms of because the court of us whenever a coronavirus and everybody panics all the medication comes as nothing to do with crown of ours don't come here no more huh wow go figure it out R. as I said in the new American they did a great piece on how we need to we need to get to the bottom of this and fix this bring the stuff back and Americans are making it here and this is I would argue this is every bit national security people don't think those terms of the national security military military hardware armored things like that none of our roads in America our national security our borders our national security the medication supplanted instances is national security again just take insulin just if for example if if people can't get insulin you're gonna have so many people dead piling up a decomposing you're not gonna be able to dispose of the corpses if they can't get inside all of the continents a grizzly but this is what's called preparedness so are thank god for senator Holly he's out of Missouri Josh Hawley in the house the com lawmakers their legislation would strengthen the medical supply chain by granting US food drug administration authority to analyze sourcing locations of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to address medical device shortages and we're gonna get into that when we come back this is good you know what it's a little too late though behind.

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