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In their Ruth's faster. So you have to look at all of these different things. And then you also have to look do need to protect them from rabbits and deer. So there's a lot that goes into it. If the if something has changed than you want to look, maybe they're not getting enough water. So we'll wrapping help just a little light wrapping may help them. It may not it. They water is the most important thing. And I just can't say that enough for the evergreens has they'll look fine all winter, and they come on of winter dormancy. And all of a sudden they brought up that we saw that a lot last winter last spring. All right, good. Thank you. Dennis dance calling in from prior lake. And then we'll grab some text messages. Go ahead, Dan. Thank you, Dan. Good morning. Thanks, take my call Jerry show. Real good question. I have. White Birch tree the two summers in a row infestations with Asian Beatles. That I've been able to spray it and get the kill for the season. But I'm wondering is there anything you can do to prevent that for me. So I'll hang up and listen. Okay. Now, if you're getting like ladybugs up there, they're probably eating aphids, which is a good thing. So if that's what you're seeing. I don't know that I'd spray for them because they would be eating all the efforts that then could impact impact your your Burt. However, if you mean Japanese beetles, that's a totally different story, and I would suggest that you go to the Arbor to the Arbor fighting extension website and look at how you wanna treat your birches? And and what kind of products, you can use extension dot your man dot EDU and click under Japanese beetles. So you wanna make sure you've identified the insect properly. Whether it's like the orange lady bug. That's a good thing. I wouldn't spray for those or the really pretty shiny green coppery colored a Japanese beetle, which you may not want, and then you may need to treat it because it is hard on the plans to lose their leaves every year and a half to have to re relief out. But. There's not much you can do when it's a big tree either. You have to decide if you're going to treat it or what you're going to do. You don't want to stress it every year. But then you wonder how much how your chemicals that you're gonna put in the ground and with the treating of the trees, so first of all dental, the right insect and Arborist might help in Arborist would help you up or even just going online, and with the with the university website would be able to see right away that oh that's what I'm seeing out there and they're good or they're not so good. Right. Texter says, this I just received in the mail and eastern red bud sapling from the Arbor day foundation. I ordered it last spring. Can I still plant it? Well, I would I would get into the ground as soon as possible it's easier probably going to do better outside than in your house. The eastern red buds. They might not be so hardy here, we do have a Minnesota strain. And that's the one I would have suggested, but the Arbor day people just send out what they have. So put it in a protected area protected from. Critters and make sure you water at once you get a planted then as the ground starts to freeze, maybe build a little cylinder of chicken wire. And just fill it up with a bunch of Maple Leafs are a bunch of Oakley's to give it extra protection all winter long. Good luck. Texter says, please clarify for native bees, should I or should I not cut down, my dead, bleeding-heart, flocks, etc. Stocks or leave them intact for the winter. I would leave them intact, especially if you see that they're hollow I would leave them intact. If you wanna cut them down to like one and a half two feet. That's fine. Then just leave them up let the plants come up next year round them. And and just let them go like that. That's what I would do another Texas. This Theresa I have four large commercially created hanging baskets. I've moved them inside would like to keep them living. But boy, did they take a lot of water should watering them quite regularly. And they look nice your advice. Please. Thank you. Keep watering them if they're still flowering if they're getting enough light make sure that you're giving them maybe half strength fertilizer once a week, but do keep watering them. You will find that in your house with our low humidities in the house and the four stare heat or whatever kind of heat, you're running in your house. They are going to dry out a lot. So you're going to have to really water a lot, and you know, outside in the summertime. The humidity's sixteen seventy percent in your house. It's thirty five forty percent. And and so it's really a lot harder on plants. So do keep watering them and good luck. Because that's that can be quite impressive. If you can keep those growing trees just notice there was a follow up actually a couple of from the same texture. I read the that. Also, should I trim them back to what point also in the past with Jerry names? I know that I put them down on my unheeded fruit room in my basement. Let them go dormant which seems like they dry right up that I just put them back out the next year kind of run together sentences. There's salt. Yeah. So so do do cut them back. You can cut your hanging baskets back a little bit. Because you probably don't have a huge house for them. You pal ever regular size house for them. Go ahead and trim them back. They'll they'll start leafing out. Again, they'll start growing again and be a little thicker if you wanna put your geraniums down like you've always done them. You store them downstairs do just check though in the in the cooler area. Maybe split some with water once or twice once a month. Give him a little spurts of water if they're drying out too much, some people do however just take their joining us out of the containers off most of the dirt roads throw them in a paper bag and put him in a cool location, and they survive all winter just find the bring him out and bring them back to life in the spring. This. Texter says, this chives and creeping Charlie complement each other. Yes, they're beautiful. So we did get a creepy. Thank you for that. We hope for those fifty two weeks a year. What is the best way wants to know to repel moles out of our yard without killing them. The castor oil will be a repellent, and that's what you're gonna find for a lot of the more lax and things like that is castor oil. Again, those malls are they're they're eating the bugs, they're eating the grubs. So they're kind of protecting your yard. You probably only have one they can dig, you know, two hundred and fifty five hundred feet of nights. So they do a lot of digging. However, they can really recap boy can they ever they can. But so so there there because the foods there and once the food is gone. They'll be gone they'll head over to the neighbors who then has food, otherwise, I'm the castor oil is something that work. Good morning. Texter says, how do I winner is my rhododendron rabbits endear, I covered it last year with a large plastic garbage can but didn't do. Well. Yeah. It probably got too hot under there. What you can do bird netting works. Really? Well, chickenwire works. Really? Well, you can. Even use the floating white row cover the remains stuff and just just use that if you're going to cover it with the the plastic container either cut the top off of it or cut a whole bunch of holes in it because it gets really hot in those plastic containers in the wintertime, even just a little sun. You would be amazed at can get, you know, fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety degrees in those things. Same thing for your roses. See wanna make sure that that he can escape because you don't want to cook your plants inside. Now, the text says this Theresa if it gets warm enough to melt snow this week is still too early to dormant seed my lawn. No, go ahead. You can see that very thing. Myself because we should have famous last words, we should have some snow melt. This is Minnesota anything ever. Yeah. It's supposed to get fortyish. You know for a minute or two later on in the weekend. Yeah. Good idea. Yeah. Let's see grooming question. Five different types of treason, shrubs pin oaks, Korean lilacs, white pair, silver maple ash. I have all five that are in need of trimming back low hanging branches. And I'm wondering if any of those should be or safety can be pruned now, or when they should be proved. Well, you know, it's not the best. It's not the best time for any of those. If you want to wait till this the plants have gone completely dormant and the ground is frozen. Then you can go ahead and prune them back. We understand that the lilacs have set their flowers next year. So anything you pruning off you're cutting off flowers for next year. So I would wait until the ground is frozen if you can wait until later in the season January February March, that's even better January February even better again with understand the lilacs. You're cutting off the flowers if there's just one or two branches that you just need to cut off for the season. Go ahead and cut those one or two branches off don't touch the Oakland until the middle of winter. That one would be the one I would worry about the most the other ones, I think you could probably prune fine and safely. But again, we're just at that time where they're trying to go dormant you don't want to confuse them. So don't be cutting because that again causes chemicals that may say the tree should be growing here. And you just don't wanna do that. At this time. Very good. We need to take a quick break. Theresa. So hang on last year Gardner, Theresa Rooney in our smart garden show today, helping you out we'll get back to the phone calls and text messages. It's twelve degrees. We're heading for a high near twenty-six some scattered flurries activity tonight and again on Veterans Day tomorrow against temperature reading twelve..

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