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USA. As I said at the beginning of known Dixon's my days back in Boston. WS MW television and. He was part of the Boston. Celtics telecasts when he was Yang as well and was also part of the broadcasting crew for the for the Boston Red Sox and he called Carlton Piss famous game winning in home. Run in game six of that series. You know when there are games of that stature. And they're a great moments. That are possible. How did you approach those moments in case they did happen even interesting? Great Question Ron actually I I did miss this update any of those things. I just went along as a reporter. Her and this was the situation. So in the sixth game of the nineteen seventy five world series six game at the bottom of the twelfth inning and Carlton Fisk happens to leading up so. I'm not thinking of anything that might happen. Only reporting what does happen. And so he takes the pitch and then he hits a home run. I react to the play as it happens but I never think of what could happen and get ahead of myself and I've always done it that way in somehow. It's worth we're there other moments like that. The ones that you remember that was along those same lines of stature also dramatic as well I you think so. Iran in nineteen ninety four working with the Great Eric Heiden won five gold medals in speedskating the nineteen eighty Olympics in Lake placid I was covering speed skating then and Dan Jansen was the top American speed skater for so many years but he came across a problems along the way he would fall Sister passed away of bright. Before the Calgary Olympics. He always had some bad luck. Misfortune never was able to win the medal that everyone everyone thought. He was born with and then finally in his last Olympics in the Viking ship in Hamar Norway he lost the five hundred meter race. The racing was favored to win. Because he flipped a little touchy ice and now his last race ever is a speed skater. Was it the one thousand meters of which he was not the sole favorite there. There were a lot of good candidates there and this was gonna be the moment of truth for dance. DANCE DANCE DANCE. It did then. He rose to the occasion. Not only we didn't win the race win the gold medal. He set the world record. I would say that next to call home run. This was a great moment that I was able to call and that was dramatic. Let me catching a touchdown pass. We go back to Johnson after In double overtime. NFL Divisional playoff against favorite. I think Lewis ramp is one and there are several others as well. Let me take you back you go to Syracuse University what is it about Syracuse University and their broadcast program that has turned out so many people like yourself and great announces. Well that's great. I didn't go to Syracuse for broadcasting. Because they didn't have broadcasting you how cool to be cases. It's not even built. When I was there I went to Syracuse Ron to study journalism I wanted to be a newspaper right and they had a daily newspaper called the daily Orange so I went to study journalism and I was writing for the school paper and I also tried out the campus station W. A. R. Which was honored in their hall of thing this year and then got into broadcasting but I wanted to be a writer sportswriter at first? Now what's happened. Is there have been so many who going to Syracuse. And they built a great facility. The newhouse school of Communications is the best of the land and it is fast. It's it's a state of the art studio and so if you WANNA be in broadcasting and it's been a long line of sports broadcasters like what Notre Dame football for so many years you would go to Syracuse and they have just gone on if you say hey I went to Syracuse University. I went to school. Okay you must be pretty good Morton Morton a little bit easier to get a job if you say that as well let me talk to you about the part well let me talk to you about the podcast that you're going to be doing because when I read about it I thought you know this is going going to be good. What's what's your approach to these podcasts? How are you going to? I assume it's going to be the journalistic approach. Yep No question.

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