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Back for parole out ns rather myers and now to the left point dealers got it in deep block kings at full strength myers appoint shot blocked by nate thompson so both teams offer one on the power play here tonight still no score may thompson trying to clear pass parole gets help from charter and charter lists it down the ice now applies pressure on morrissey by follow morsi fights off the check got it to meyer and a cop to the kings line and cop was sent flying by jake muslim big hit right there by jake muhsin the kings able to clear it the center toppled shoot it in wide campbell martinez up the wall for foley lifted across on leftwing what winds up for the jets zone joe morrow now across on right wing the past miss tanna goes all the way down icing on winnipeg kings do a good job at bentley kill keeping the puck around the perimeter jets you could definitely tell missing patrick line out on the ice just the threat that he poses with his presence out there so the kings did a good job they were got pucks owed on the initial attempt and one big save on shot insight brian little had a chance that was denied by campbell campbell doing a good job here denying all fifteen shots by the jets twelve thirty eight left here in the second kings have killed thirty two of their last thirty five times short over fourteen games now scoreless off the draw the jets turn it over in the slot mattio to the net but he couldn't get the shot away quick enough check from behind by chirac now ventura for winnipeg plays it off the boards all the way down in on goal tender campbell and campbell will cover and we'll get a whistle twelve eighteen left second period in winnipeg still no score we'll take a timeout we'll be back kings hockey brought to you by morongo casino resort and spa good times anytime good times all the time you're struggling with your mortgage you think about it all the time what are we going to do if we lose the house it's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight eight eight nine nine five.

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