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And so I think it was much easier for me having grown up with my dad telling us stories like that that it might be for people who never experienced that potential look at reality. Wow, wouldn't it what an incredible gift and injected into your ecosystem of thought is it? Yeah, and I think though that meditation is a great way. It's easy to say it's important to go out of your mind at least once a day to come to your senses. Because a person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts and lives in a world of illusions. And because it's just thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts. And I look at thinking as a yes, a useful tool, but generally as an interference pattern. I mean, it's a little cycle that goes between our throat and our brain, and in our bodies, physically, physiologically, energetically. And it creates a little whirlwind of confusion and aspiration, all Buddhists talk about desire. And it would desire is, is this a misidentification of ourselves with that wanting or longing a process that that generates, and so I think in meditation, what happens is it laps as long enough for us to realize that there is a much greater system at work there than that little interference whirlwind that goes along. Yeah, I always say that meditation pauses the story in your mind long enough for you to remember that your mind is telling you a story. Exactly. And you know, my father, he loved that though. I mean, he looked at all of this playfully. If you're going to play a play and pick a role, have a great one, make it outrageous one. Let's have fun with this..

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