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It was going to have the distance. Yeah, I just don't, I think I've said this on the podcast before I used to work for the NFL and we went to the last Pro Bowl in Hawaii and Justin Tucker was down there and I used to kind of just tag along with the social media team, Bryce Gustafson, who is the NFL's director of social media is really cool guy. And they used to let me come along and hang out with them. And I remember watching them just do stuff with Justin Tucker, like in the middle of practice, they were kind of just hanging out, whatever, whatever. And it's the most incredible. One of the most incredible things that I've ever seen in terms of just pure athleticism and the mastery of your craft, the guy is just unbelievable. So yeah, when I saw the kick go off and it looked so good. Everything looked perfect 'cause it was the back. It was the angle from behind where he was, everything looked right on that thing. I was like, oh, this is definitely in. No, no doubt in my mind. But, you know, even Michael Jordan, misses a few jump shots. I know. There was, I think it was a slightly longer run up for him that he took too. It was very nicely done. I just couldn't believe he missed it. That's just not what we're used to at this point. It's hard to put that on him too. You know what I mean? We've been like, we're to the point where it's like, oh, Justin Tucker can't hit this 70 yard field goal, you know? But, you know, that's also compliment to him, right? That he's that good. He's that talented. It's like watching Steph Curry like launch a 40 footer contested 40 footer and you're just like, yeah, of course going in. Wow, it rimmed out. And that was kind of it. The story of this game, look, I am, I don't want to call it a Trevor Lawrence bandwagon because there can't really be a bandwagon for a guy who was considered a generational quarterback prospect. But he is playing so exceptionally well. And my favorite throw of his and he had a great two minute drive with no time out at the end of this game, or I think they had one time out to put the winning points on the board and then they get the two point conversion to win it. He had a throw. And it's probably going to go as a turnover worthy play because I think it did end up hitting a defensive back first, but he had to throw where he was sprinting left. And again, just one of those things. It's mahomes, Ian, the flexibility, and just the pure velocity coming out from a body position that it's just like, all right, well, this should not result in anything good. And it would have been a downfield completion down the left sideline had Christian Kirk knots or lost his footing and then ended up hitting a defensive back and was a dropped interception in the end, but it was such a stupidly good throw and just, again, his talent is just through the roof and it's coming together now. Like it's happening. It's happening right as Jackson DeVille is dotting the USA speedo and everything is just coming everything's coming up Jaguars. This is very exciting. It's very exciting time. Jamaica hasty, by the way. Another one where when Travis Etienne gets the foot sprain, not coming back into that game and he was spectacular. I admittedly did not know a lot about Jim Michael hasty before this game. Yeah, he was really good in this, and obviously they just went out and got Daryl Henderson because obviously they had traded James Robinson and they want some depth behind ETN for the reason we saw today with the injury. But yeah, he see if this is kind of like nearing the end here. This is not a bad way to kind of go out, put this on tape and unless some other teams see it. But yeah, he might have, he might have earned himself another contractor to going forward here. The ravens offensively still just don't really have a whole lot of answers aside from Lamar Jackson doing really good things with the ball in his hands. I was, I guess not surprised, Gus Edwards was back. I liked the juice that Kenyan Drake kind of brought as a compliment to Lamar Jackson, whereas Gus Edwards is very much he gets what the scheme presents to him. He's very much a north south straightforward runner. There just was no real big play element. Not that you should be leaning on a big play element in your run game, but it just didn't feel like they were going to break anything in this one. And Edwards obviously lost a big fumble as well, but I was a little bit bummed to see Kenyan Drake take a back seat to Edwards here. Yeah. I will say that it was a day for creative QB sneaking. We did see the ravens twice. Once successful and once not get into that, that rugby formation and but then they ran Lamar and kind of like a bootleg. He took a hesitation step and then he found an outside gap and then he allowed them to rumble down the field. I think he gained like 12 or 13 yards on it once pretty neat, but yeah, it lacks the, when they first started rolling out this offense and Lamar was Lamar and this is how it was. And maybe you don't do it as much when you have when you're playing kind of athletic front like you are with Jacksonville today, but the whole thing used to have a lot more rhythm. It all felt very tied in and this is now more of a sort of like a frantic, especially when they're behind late in the game. There's just a frantic Ness to it. You know what I mean? It's just like, hey, we're running place. There's not a marriage of things. Like there used to be. When the world gets in the way of your music, try the new Bose quiet comfort earbuds too. Next gen earbuds uniquely tuned to the shape of your ears. They use exclusive Bose technology. The personalizes the audio performance to fit you. 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