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What happened in Libya? Um and it's happening again, so and the other one was is we didn't want South Asia to become unstable. China was a growing power and a growing threat. We needed Indian account of China and so stable South Asia much good for that, and it's very like I said. It's a very modest price. A couple of 100 so 1000 soldiers who are not fighting and dying had taken a castle in a year and a half. Um, where we weren't actually spending all that much money. We were counterbalancing China and the terrorists and we were doing it very effectively and very cheaply. Now we're we're being tremendously successful Nation building. Probably not. But But I would say want our interests were protected. The other thing. Is that okay? Yeah. Okay. Maybe we didn't build a wonderful nation like Germany and Japan. But The economy was growing every year. Women could go in the workplace. It was actually one of the freest society so limited the entire grade of Middle East. An entire generation of Children grew up, not knowing about the rule of the Taliban. So this is not the worst of all possible outcomes and and to be honest for all the experts that we've had Republicans and Democrats, the guy that figured this out the best was Donald Trump, who came in and said Look, this Nation building is nonsense. With. On the other hand, I don't want to abandon the Afghan people, and I don't want to turn the country over to China, and I don't want to turn over the country to terrorists. So let's get to a sustainable footprint that accomplishes something good and to find a way forward. And if we do great if we don't we have a sustainable footprint will counter these guys and we'll call it a day. It was not Trump's fault. The Biden came in and basically said, no, we're just going to leave. We're just going to take the safety net and see what happens. And this is exactly what Obama did in Iraq. We walked away and we've got Isis what he did in Syria. We walked. We walked away from the red line. We've got a genocide. It's what he did in Libya. We walked away. We've got Benghazi. But of course, Biden is going to do the same thing because it's all the same people running the government. It's You know, be nice here, enemy, turn your back on him and hope for the best, and it never works out. Well, 18665 Oh, Jimbo to Andy in Butler, Pennsylvania. Good evening, Mr Bohannon. And good evening to your guests. I'm sorry. I didn't catch the name. His name is Jim Carafano. He's vice President for, uh, National security and foreign policy studies at the Heritage Foundation. Mr. Carafano, it is a pleasure to talk to you. I remember a long time ago. Well, right now we have untold America. Untold numbers of Americans a few 1000. Let's say, um, in Afghanistan who have trouble getting out, and we just gave them $83 billion worth of equipment. We gave the Taliban $83 billion worth of equipment or whatever the total is a lot, okay? Right. We gave the Taliban $83 billion worth of equipment. Now I remember a certain colonel along time ago who got a bunch of trouble for trading arms for hostages. And here. We didn't even get the trade. We gave them the arms and they still have the hostages. So he had to appear before Congress. That would be Oliver North for those who don't happen to remember. Back to the Iran Contra. They It's all right, Jim Carafano. Your thoughts. Well, look, he actually raises a really good point is This has to be seriously investigated by Congress. Not not, too, because it's a partisan thing, but because our government catastrophically failed, and and this is America When that happens, we investigate that We did it after Pearl Harbor. We did it after 9 11. We should do it here. And you know, I I am out positive that Congresswoman Pelosi, having now heard from the FBI that there actually was no interaction and her entire interruption. Investigation is literally a joke that she would take those assets and those resources and begin an investigation of what happened in Afghanistan Because clearly as a disaster, and clearly we should know why. And should we should know who is responsible for that? Come. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, Back in a moment, everybody Jay Farner here, CEO of rocket, mortgage and rocket.

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