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And it was hard. I called Ralph on Friday night. It was one of the hardest things I had to do was mangled Tanna governor we were closely together, we did so many great things working together for the counter, wealth and Virginia. But once they have picture where the black face and the clansman came out. There is no way you can continue to be the governor of the Commonwealth Virginia. We have had a horrible and soared past as it relates to race relations. We worked very hard Ralph now over the last five years and move the state forward if. You remember nineteen to state Senator said that I'm putting a felon disenfranchisement and our constitution quote to eliminate the Durkee from being a political factor in Virginia. I was proud to one hundred fourteen years later, give those films or writes back, but we've worked hard in Virginia. So this is I gotta tell you. It's heartbreaking. It has been more. The worst forty eight hours, but virginity to come out of this stronger. I can't sit here and pretend and be in the steps of those individuals who have been offended by those photos. Well, let me ask you a can't if it's not him in the photo. Which is what he's saying? Why do you still think he should resign? Well, I he said it was Friday night. And if it wasn't him in the photo, he should've said that on Friday. I have no idea what was going on in the governor's office on Friday. I just if you're not in instinctively, you know, if you put black paint on your face, you know, if you put a hood on. And so if it isn't you you come out with and mmediately and say, this is not me. So I can't understand what's going on. But I do know this. Ralph is a good moral decent man and may have made some mistakes in his past. We all have made mistakes. Ralph will do the right thing for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He will put Virginia. I and I think that will happen relatively soon. He's worked hard thanks to routes efforts. We got Medicaid expansion done. We have to move on. You cannot be the moral leader. I mean, we are now in crossover in Virginia where the legislation goes from the house and Senate back and forth. I can remember as governor. This is your busiest time right working with your legislators to pass bills kill bills. I mean, you've got to work as one unit to move your Commonwealth forward energy. He's just not going to have that ability to do it. The head of the black caucus yesterday said if he doesn't resign. They'll move to remove them themselves from the legislature. So we just need to put this behind us. We need to move forward. So and that's what we have to do. So when you say, you think is going to do the right thing. You mean? Is going to resign? You want him to resign? Do you agree with the head of the Blackhawks that he should be removed from office? If he does not resign. I know route very well. It will not come to that. And if Rao watching this today, I know how much he loves his Commonwealth of Regina and you've got to make the right decision. You've got to make the right moral decision. We have to bring people together we've had a horrible history in Virginia. He and I work together. And you know, he chaired the child cabinet than I formed with my wife to feed needy children. He's done so many great things it's not about Ralph anymore. This is about who we are Virginia's and how we move forward. So he's going to do the right thing. I know in his heart. He's going to do the right thing. Governor I want you to watch a clip from yesterday's press conference a question for governor north them after he admitted that he did wear black face. But not in that photo. He did were wore black faces part of a Michael Jackson cost him for a dance competition in San Antonio in nineteen Eighty-four take a look..

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