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I don't enough on the road to make me dangerous the politics haberle opinions like you have opinions to poor all opinions that's what makes me dangerous asshole was keep upside sign for so upset about so crops who knows women option did you see me michael ticket if is you know sometimes you eat things you just we should come up with them you know they're total trouble thirty made three million fat women do exercise you know i think there is even president three days the minutes that season already exercising anyway something like that i was taking over that no it is of course the people opposed to me and opposed to us through the people who actually dangerous we're not really dangerous we call us coast anderson or was over joke you know sort of acknowledgment you know as the new to see if the lesson that insistence on mussina line between ideas and action between opinions and it was they do this because they want to legitimize there right responses they want to legitimize there you're throwing the twins other stroller as a as a reaction they want make him additional reaction to your different was hoping and thank in monday those watches by introducing phrases like so if space this over because all campus represent a threat to students safety they could do those things they can legitimize earned responses to two ideas never this is sort of giving up pretending that he cares about free speech to the leafs in free speech no give it he is this bring it to me who threw does that bring it to be we get to me or leave it's my told they do it.

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