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You can kick start the momentum of people that go through it's in the probe that it's easy and the con is you can actually get more dollars and cents for that like between one hundred or two hundred dollars the other spotlight course we're talking micro niche this. This is a deeper dive step-by-step the pro. You get real specific. You're the go to source the con- you might get pigeonholed but amy I did make a note here because your success story here. You're kind of pigeonholed for a little bit as the FBI ads girl in you made the transition also can you just real quick talk about that yes so. I was known forever forever as a facebook marketing expert and then I drill down on facebook ads with the spotlight course facebook ads insider and I started to be known for the IT facebook ads person and then in that made me great money and put me on the map and it got me out there and so I would never change it for the world but after a while I I started creating courses and I wanted to teach created courses. I started doing webinars with huge success. I wanted to teach it so what I did is over time. I made that pivot and here's here's something I'm glad you brought this up. It's not like I woke up one morning and I'm like I'm GonNa make this pivot and then I made a big fanfare online everybody. I'm changing my business. I want want you all to know why and here's what's going to happen. I really tell my students. Let's not do that. Let's just start to pivot our content over time <hes> expand and our messaging start telling new stories start teaching new content and over time things start to move in the direction you want them to go. I really do believe if they followed holid- you this long. Let's ease them into this next thing instead of making total total jarring change that typically works really well. It's exactly what I did now. I'm I'm not even known for facebook. Marketing love that in one thing fire nation that we talked about was the workshop your maximum about one hundred the start of course you're going to be between one hundred the two hundred where are we at dollars and cents on the spotlight. Horse Amy Ooh. That's a great one so with the spotlight course usually I'll say somewhere between Wean two hundred two probably five hundred so anywhere between about two hundred and five hundred is typically what you're GonNa see for a spotlight course you. You could go higher but that's typically the average. The signature course is next. We're talking total transformation and fire nation..

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