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Your. You'll start. Funnest Bunin credible science fooled by. Little. Among. Screaming. Thank you. Pay. As you. Taken. So. Someone. Those in post kiss. Taking. Me. Done. This one is. This. Point. Fini Lacombe flying out speak. Embody scum. Guppy begging gut the night goes. Second week. Fused fair. You gotta spend in comic crazy. I need. Bagging. Commandants. Got you. Make. Time. Let's get you in right now. It's enough front Tuesday. You're gonna win. Tickets are sold. Our Tango in the first twenty five rose is happening. Saturday dignity health sports park, which healer swith near body else caller one or two. Good luck. Brought to you by your so Cal Chevy dealers. Yeah. I think so. Both. Thank you. Faith. So. So you tough. I'm not bad. Thank you for that, five that. That I'm glad. The. Control. Two. Nice to sing. Face. So you. Thank you. Thank you for that. Kite. The bad guy. Pretty glad true alone. He said she secured. Maybe it's clear somewhere. Ninety minutes non stop point seven kiss. FM. Yes. What is that? Okay. What is? Number one hit music station, one point seven kiss. FM. Shawn Mendez turn this up. It's if I can't have you..

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