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Radio. It's time for lunch. And learn we sure do appreciate your ears. I'm Tiffany inside. Thunder city is and I have a big room full of Singye dancy people who identifies with that don't show. Don't raise your hand to say. Yes, sir. Yes. We have with this say Caitlyn Rogers Caitlyn thanks for being here. We have Amanda Nellie, Jane. Right. That's me. We have Jared people corn. Hello and Landon Spangler. Good morning. Now, you may know them by those given names or you may know them as Lena Kathy, Don Lockwood and Cosmo because they're starring in the upcoming production of singing in the rain at the Manchester art center, did I get any of that. Right. All of it. That's great. Now. Someone was in here and told me that singing in the rain is their absolute favorite movie of all time. And so they're more excited about this production at the Manchester art center than any other production that has ever been held the Manchester art center, how could that be probably our biggest production? We've done in a long time at least for adults. Oh, definitely for adults. I agree with that. We do get to do several teen musicals over the course of the last five seasons and those have been huge. But for adults we rather get the chance to show out like this. So I know I'm excited. I didn't do the research. How old is that movie? Oh that is a great question. This is why the morning show has look. Lightning-fast fiber gigabit internet. Was it in black and white originally? No, it is a technicolor movie was released in nineteen fifty two. Thank you very much. So I don't. Yeah. Collectively for anyone in the room? None of us were around for. But have you all seen the movie? Of course, we have plenty more than once Charrette more than once on your own or since you got this gig on my own, my my aunt is very big into this genre. Really? So I had a lot of Frank Sinatra, Gene, Kelly and Elvis Presley growing up being around her very good. So singing in the rain came into the Manchester at center, I've heard the question is there going to be rain inside the Manchester art center, I mean, I don't know about inside the Manchester art center, but on the street where Kathy lives, there sure will be. So we're we're we're pretty excited about the technological feats that are supposed. Yes. I do. I don't Amanda Nellie. Jane? Right. Was that a yes? Or was that a review? I'm I'm confused. So when people are in our audience in our auditorium. I hate to think that they might be still thinking, oh, I love it inside here. The manchester. You know, I really want them to be on the street where I live where Kathy lives experiencing. I don't know about inside the Manchester art center, but we're Don is escorting me home. I certainly think that it's calling for rain. What is the story about for those that haven't watched singing in the rain in forty years? What's it about your dealing with the story of classic Hollywood the change from silent films to the new talkies? And so you have these guys who started in vaudeville, and they're making their way up through Hollywood. And now all of a sudden the whole world is turned upside down as they prepare to move from those silent pictures where it was just a lot of gesturing to actually hearing their voices along with it. Well, certainly Cosmo is going to say that but for Kathy it's a story of love. Who does Kathy love? Well, I think that it takes some time. But Don sure is charismatic. Don, do you think that is due to singing or dancing or something else? Or maybe after she shuts me down. And I realize how not as big as I thought I was there. A little humble pie humbled high made you fall in love with her. Humble pie means was stricken with her at first, and I tried to use my Hollywood harm to swoon her away. But she's the first girl that hasn't fallen for his act. So. A little bit of a challenge. Little hard to get. Okay. Gotcha qinglin. I've been hearing rumors about Lena's voice. Yes. And so your voice. It was it was a challenge to try to kind of get to the point where I felt like I really had her voice because it is. You know, if you've seen the movie, you know, the whole point of Lena is that she's very she stars opposite. Don lockwood. And when they shift to the talkies, her whole thing is her voice is awful it. You know, you don't want to listen to her voice. She can't sing she can't dance hurt only real appeal is that she can sit there and look pretty that's really her only thing. And so when it shifts to the talkies. Everyone's kind of trying to figure out what do they do with Lena? Are we going to get to hear his voice right now? We'll yes. There's a microphone. The handle this big idea. Okay. Now Kaylynn, you do it. I heard land and do it. Now, you do it. So. Oh. Give me your best. Lena. My johnny's. I think you broke out car windows right there. I got you. Did great. All right fair enough. So is is that a lot of the fun in the story? Yeah. Discomfort of Lena does Lena. No. She's not good. No. Oh, I know. She thinks she's hot stuff. She thinks everything does this good. She's a starlet. Yes. Gotcha. So in in the story of singing in the rain what about Kathy is? She is she an actress as well. She part of this whole Hollywood thing Kathy tries very hard to to remain earthy. I think that she is a little bit arrogant. She believes that what Don and Cosmo and Lena do or Dez is a very pompous and overactive. So she believes that she is a star on the real stage. So she is an actress, but she clarifies on the legitimate stage. Legitimate state is she a little hoity toity. I wouldn't call her hoity toity necessarily, I think she's very humble roots. And but she's trying to attain something more in her reach for that. She forgets that even behind those masks of Hollywood and the big fame there are real people. And I think that's part of why she falls for the combo of Don in Cosmo. But particularly dawn he seems like a big step star. And it's what she wants to stay away from and in the end, she realizes that. There's something so much deeper to each one of those characters. Okay. We need to take a quick break. We're at the halfway Mark. When we come back. I would love to delve more into Cosmo character because we haven't heard anything about him. So was good. And I'm like to hear some singing from singing in the ring. What can you do? Well, we'll check the weather. We'll be back in lunch and learn in just a moment on thunder radio. Another update from the Wm SR thunder radio.

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