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The Saudi embassy calls these claims of said but the allegations raised serious questions about what the king the morning the days of his information and how it used according to the Financial Times the hacks roots trace back to base ohsen been Selmon exchanging phone numbers in Los Angeles weeks later says Britain's the guardian paper days those in the crown prince for engaged in a seemingly friendly what's up exchange when Ben Selmon sent an unsolicited now where infected file it's unclear what information was then taken questions about who has access to the tech executives phone with those race last year after the national Enquirer leaked photos an intimate text messages between the then married bays send former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez with whom he was having an affair the Enquirer said Sanchez is brother Michael was the original source of the information but in a blog post a month after the scandal days those who also owns the Washington post suggested the photos leaked by the Enquirer were obtained illegally through its publishes connection to the Saudi government in an op ed for the daily beast days as a security consultant that's Gavin de Becker confirm the Saudi government had access to Basil's his phone and gain private information he said the government was intent on harming Jeff bass those since the post began its relentless coverage of the murder of one of its columnists critical of the Saudi kingdom Jamal could show we was killed at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul five months after the alleged hack U. S. officials tell CBS news that the motor was likely ordered by the crown prince CBS evening news anchor and managing editor Nora o'donnell spoke to him last September did you order the murder and Jamal Khashoggi get a check let absolutely not this was a heinous crime can I take full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government MBS is role a personal role in potentially compromising I Jeff Bezos no I think raises additional questions about MBS is defense of estrogen murder that it was simply rogue actors within his state Andrew Miller of the Washington based think tank project on Middle East democracy.

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