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In my opinion, they're going to start to try and like the Patriots, you September October to figure out what you're going to be, make sure you're peeking, hitting the ground running in November December. I think there's a lot more urgency for Baltimore to go out and get a win and do so convincingly than there is for Kansas City who already knows what they're capable of doing it the stakes get Ratcheted up hot college football. Bet the dogs and I'm not. I don't want the points. I don't need the points. I'm taking the money line on all these under the identify, took $100. I said this earlier and bet every dog. I'm going to come out way ahead and then I'm going to get the Pac 12 and the big 10 to start doing that also later on it about a month. It's all about the dogs and college is not or what. We haven't seen a lot of consistency from the blue blood, that's for sure. I mean, you look at some of the big underdogs that were able to get to the window yesterday. I don't want to throw salt Chris's wounds, but Kansas State 60 No one on the money line pay even better than that. If you bet him when they were down three touchdowns in the third quarter, Mississippi State wins outright as a 14 point dogs you're talking about, plus 4 50 in your back pocket there, so all it takes is identifying a couple Of those big underdogs and you're able to profit quite handsomely. But already, you know me you could never make blanket statements. Powers will ultimately get themselves headed in the right direction on we'll see a return to normalcy. But when you have two conferences kicking off in earnest a lot later than expected, I do think you're going to see some head scratching results and hopefully some opportunity for the underdogs to bite early. Todd final thought for me. We'll let you get out of here. I know we haven't talked about it. It's on but N Ba Finals Heat Lakers Anything That's kind of caught your eye and some of the early numbers as you've started to scout this match up. I think the heater slightly overvalued, to be quite honest. When you look at the Lakers only five point favorites in Game one total set it to 18. We were talking about the Celtics closing a three point favorite today, and I think you saw the lack of leadership from Boston, especially in the fourth quarter when Jimmy Butler and company took it over, But this is a much bigger stage. We know that he can play with an underdog mentality of its going down LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Definitely going to give Miami sleepless nights and I'm very curious to see what we get out of these teams. When we ultimately get game one underway, I believe on Friday evening. Beautiful man. Todd, have a great week. Can't wait to watch you on Fox Bet live and we'll do it again. Next Sunday night. Always a pleasure, gents. Cynically Awesome stuff, man, Todd Furman, You can catch him on FX one's Fox. Bad live and you better follow him on Twitter at Todd Furman will wrap up our one with some of our other favorite plays the day next with Arnie and Plank on Fox Sports Radio. You get.

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