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In architecture. No no i'm. I'm still an architect and i and i and i love that You know every career has a sort of a winding path. And i think i'm at a point. Now where i. I have a lot of clarity about what it is that i do Especially on the architecture side. As the way i frame it is that like i am a storyteller and i have two different medium in which i carry out that craft right so i'm storyteller and i get to do the and architecture as a designer and get to do that in music as a songwriter. A singer and recording artist. Yes both are created obedience like you say and both the creative endeavors like you see why you're successful at both. Well thank you so whether influence says you're welcome. No i actually enjoy listening to music very soothing. Thank you thank you. I have every intention to crates fought. Thank about Keep doing a did you. When you were growing up was music around june did any of that spillover into your music or something that you were the first of of flop to become interested in that career. Well i would say music is always around us the way. It isn't a lot of households right like you know you've got you've got the radio and you've got The the music that your your family. Your parents are listening to or your or your siblings are listening to But i would say that context is a little different when you are either immigrant or or you know what i am which is a first generation american And so what. I mean is like the music that i absorbed. I absorbed like a whole history of american music Kind of all at the same time You know my. My dad came to america in the seventies i was i was born here And so what that means is you know. I didn't learn about the beatles from my dad. When i when i was a kid going through his record collection. He didn't have one for me to dig through I learned about the beatles when i was in college the same time that i was listening to jay z. At the same time that i was discovering the new jersey punk band And so like all of those things kind of into the same context Which which is sort of how is always experienced music or popular music at the same time. My dad is a poet or the poet he performed shady Which is Which is how you referred to that Publishable he is yeah. He's a published poet He goes by the pen. Name of saddam He has he has a. He's a book of of or do poetry. And you know that's always been a part of my life and it's beautiful And you know or the poetry is mostly Mostly spoken And so there's a rhythm and cadence to it. That's that's sort of the most fundamental part of how do poetry is structured And so that's always been kind of around me but no one would have called that music until Until i started making music. I guess you're al. Last american is a collage of stories about growing up and straddling the pakistani culture of your family In america would like to highlight one of the tracks or two sure Let's see i think the easiest thing you know this a few I would say wise men in the fool is very much about Straddling cultures Seasons change without permission is a little bit about my relationship to my dad Brave is definitely about straddling cultures Photocopy is is is about being an outsider and kind of looking in and kind of trying to understand your own role in a culture not Rebel song is is definitely how about that About that idea of just sort of kind of deciding whether or not you can live your own truth and what that means refugee. Is you know. Just this story about What it means to leave home. You know and i think that that that's a perspective that wasn't necessarily being told In the story of kind of muslim refugees or refugees really any kind kind of fleeing strike for poverty and income coming to this country. So i wanted to write a song about that. I think i think. I think there's a way that you can construe all of these songs to be a little bit about that that. Divide so you. Identify your music as supersonic folk. Yes it can you tell us a bit about. That is the new job. Well i. it's it's It's a descriptive. Applies in vodka of the sound. That we're creating. I think at the heart. These are these songs And you know it's important to me that these are american folksongs There's lots of reasons for that but the first is that like in in the us american folk is very And it's very white centric you know and it's about An appalachian tradition. And it's it's about guitar and this whole kind of stop and holler americana thing But in all other art forms folk is it's about you know sort of self taught art right and it's a way for people to inaudible their own lives And so from my perspective. This is a a first generation american. Someone who who's kind of been asked to be an outsider or sees himself as an outsider staking claim to that title of american folk But because because of that context of what what the rest of american focused their requires a little bit of qualification and so this is getting back to widow sort of talking about earlier. Where were you kind of synthesize you experience music a little differently when you're an immigrant or when you are first generation american right Near your your context begins when your parents arrive Or when you first arrived in this country when your story begins in this country right so for me. This sort of musical context. In which i'm creating folk music begins in the seventies through today but it's all it's all experienced at once and we were trying to synthesize that perspective in to a sound I think some of it we succeeded in others can judge whether or not all of that comes across. But that's what we're trying to do in this of profile of of music And so there's there's a certain swagger that that That guitars have. And then there's a there's there's synthesizers and there's funk r&b and and kind of all these things that are sort of happening at once that we were trying to Tell story with. Your music is compared to Is out of misnomer. Combined can see it. Oh yeah absolutely. Absolutely i adore springsteen. Yeah i mean there's there's mythology in music right And butte and bruce springsteen is is one of.

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