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What is it called again? Ballistic ex DC KS with. I I WANNA say like Lucy Liu and Antonio Tab and I don't feel like I'm not GonNa know it is but I can Antonio Banderas Lucy. Liu they're like spies. That fight with Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie. That was like that Mr Mississippi Mr and Mrs Smith isn't it. I mean I would like to think that ballistics versus suffers inspiration. Well I hope they at least became friends out of it. Something had the best review of God is a four out of Ted where someone says. I have a hard time believing the words I type them but I guess maybe it might not be that bad really brave guy giving it a five out of ten away from maybe losing this game. Yeah thank God for him. All right I know so. We got one more round of this year. So now we kind of understand strategy where we're living The next one you're going to try and do is build the perfect perfect Sylvester Stallone. Oh man this is tough and Joe Since you won you will be picking third so Andrea gophers just because you went over and then critical second with your sixty seven percent. I Pick Rambo last blood as my first movie. It's the the most recent one all right I'll say The expendable 's one original expendable stu the prices generally prices right guys it asshole saying yeah but one dollar over.

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