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Breaking news on WTO. We're just learning from Atlanta that police say they have apprehended a man who is accused of opening fire inside the waiting room of a medical facility in that city, killing one woman and injuring four other people. Authorities had swarmed the city's bustling midtown neighborhood in search of the suspect who fled after the shooting. Police are saying in a statement of the gunman who they had identified as 24 year old Dion Patterson, who was captured tonight authorities did not immediately release more information, but the Atlanta police are expecting to give us an update soon that shooting suspect in Atlanta in custody tonight. That is brand new information. We'll keep you updated here on WTO. More bills have been signed in the meantime into law here in Maryland, and governor westmore is praising the lawmakers behind one of them that protects access to abortion care in the state. House Bill 8 zero 8 reproductive health protection act. The ceremonial pens and bills were set on a long table and ready for official signatures when governor westmore addressed the crowd in the state House in Annapolis. Maryland Ken and will lead on this issue of abortion access. Among the bills signed the one that shields the healthcare records of patients getting reproductive care in Maryland and protects providers from criminal and legal penalties when patients get care in the state, other bills signed into law deal with setting up regulations for recreational cannabis sales. Kate Brian, WTO news. Neighbors in one quiet community continued to argue over sidewalks after the project to build them has stalled.

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