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The shade and the whole stage looks beautiful we shouldn't play guitar or something now I don't know and they get to the chant has and dinner theaters shout out to them yeah for presenting our stage to you today coming up in about ten minutes or so we're gonna talk to Mike Marcotte from Twin Cities live about has some tips he's not here at the fair use or fair insider on Twin Cities live in so doing segments each day on the show but he I've never asked him a question about the state fair that he doesn't have an answer to so right now he's backstage and he's trying to pare down the advice that he has so that he can you know give us some concise things in the idea is that would be useful information for anybody who comes out to the fair anytime during the next twelve days and I know many of you listening will find yourselves out here at some point and so this will be some really useful information so we'll hear from him in a bit meanwhile I wanted to talk to you about this list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood this came out from Forbes now my buddy Dwayne the rock Johnson came in at number one he's been number one before his number one again on an eighty nine point four million dollars I mean that's pretty good although it's down from what he had made last year which was a hundred and twenty four million dollar can you repeat that number for this year this year eighty nine point four million dollars that's how much the rock me last year the rock made a hundred twenty four million he came in second to George Clooney last year oh wow xeno causes any go telling that put Clooney on top left it in the cell and he goes he sold it yes yeah he at but it was his and Randy Gerber yeah anyway also doing our Johnson on top of the list again so now it's rattle down a little bit I'll tell you what jumped out at me okay two on the list is Chris Hemsworth seventy six million as seventy six million that makes sense considering his involvement in the Avengers so to number three Robert Downey junior how about this though number four on the list have you heard of Akshay Kumar share which is okay wait who is that Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood actor from India Akshay Kumar made sixty five million dollars okay wait he had to be in a big movie I don't think or did you just have to be in a lot of big movies in Bollywood.

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