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The fee doc his offbalance shot deflected away in the front of the net arvidsson holds in here is ellis back to arvidsson to seven left predators down to yosi predators dennis empty here's arvidsson his shot came across in front lowery couldn't clear at ten abdus so at two thirty six remaining the predators got the extra attacker on and the icing here so the predators net empty for whatever reason they they take a little longer than they need to setting up the press as soon as you have the shot take a shot and then you can create the scoring chance out of the chaos that ensues too often they they pull it back setup three reset and then take some time just doesn't need to be pretty they need to get pucks to the net with traffic right here judo laughter taleban lowery for the face off against her linesman says okay guys set up comes back to sue ban the right point man he's walking the blue line theologist sue band back to follow steps in that right circle the corals on the board to sue band sue bam looking here's fiala back to sue bam the blast that one deflected away echo comes out with ninety four seconds remaining down in the corner tourists benino smith comes over after it fiala gives it out and sue bam can't hold it zone diving across was ten to clear now the predators have tourists coming down for smith smith wanted to flip it back meyer stretched out full length did smith's jolts gotta start away and that one stop one eleven remaining and the jets have it off the board and it comes back inside the nashville blue line dial tourists with the puck as we come up on one minute remaining jurors flips it in toward the net goes after the corner with buffalo in buffalo and rips it he'll see stops it you'll see to the left half board predators for ban at the.

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