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The biggest provider of pay tv in the us with cable there's charter as well which is largely cable dishes satellite and it's number four there's verizon files cox and altus sling tv actually has a surprising lee high two point three million subscribers and direct tv has direct tv now has one point five million so what she is just another over the top product right for now so what do you what do you mean where where's this go well at and t is going to be able to leverage this to get watch tv to grow and that's that's great i'm i want to stress that i am not anti capitalism or anti consumer or antibusiness in any way shape or form i understand how it works even if i don't like it but let's say i build up a a small media company that caters to children and previously i would want to work with you know warner media to get my service bundled with the cartoon network because that gives me a lot of exposure because people are going to want to purchase in streaming cartoon network content and if i can be attached onto that that's great i will try to work to to get that this reverses it with at and t owning warner media they could and they probably won't but they could they could say oh if you wanna be in a bundle with cartoon network you can't be in a bundle with you know name another child programming disney okay you have to cut your ties with disney if you wanna be bundled with cartoon network right this this is the kind of leverage that's possible and the potential for abuses there and that's why so many people are afraid of what at and t could do nobody's saying that they will do it but it's that they could so are when you see a company like disney pushing so hard into its own streaming music streaming video service it's launching an espn stand on espn product this year next year it's launching a standalone disney streaming service.

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