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And other major cities all vying for peace reaction welcomed written by the ifp degree your show that focuses on how this new be this to everything from the way he thanked the very concept of money itself now here's your host brett chain this weather back to breaking banks i am brett kane and today we are talking about mobile first molo fist investing and a some of us are first of all our fellow care media her strong chevonne is joining us again them woken or iraq insurance alarm struggling did i be you already know that look at the stomach flu thing um but thanks for asking and abroad normally is back on his our expert on bush for and payments in general brian welcome back shark thank you for inviting me tom wonderful to be here yes great to have you back on our before we get to our first guest brennan krieger the ceo and cofounder stash we got a few announcement since unused to get through um on the conference says i two things our fellow provecho's jason henricks host defend take five he's going to beat the kim bankers association national conference for community bank is obree 2528 a waikiki um and that's all him that leadership management precious facing community banks and the staff and if you're headed do uh austin the south by cepa southwest they in provoke is the media partner for an exclusive finn take luminaries vip reception just met met message at jason henricks on twitter if you're interested intending and he will look after the arrest he can jas jason speaking south by on banking disrupted on tuesday march twelve from three thirty two through thirty pm like a so in the news underway guys have observed this ronan brian but have you observe the number of stories talking about the rate of disruption and the impact of disruption to banking is is speeding up and a more like you know for example last night of his a financial.

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