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Speaking of cup competitions, let's go to Germany. Bruce your munchen glad back, featuring 18 year old American Joe scally in the lineup. Beat Bayern Munich her by a final score of get this 5, nothing. And this wasn't relaxed, cup Bayern Munich, Lewandowski, Mueller, gennady, sane, Kimi, Alfonso Davies. Neuer all in the lineup. It was Byron's worst defeat since 1978. Scally hurt played a big role subbed out in the 69th minute with the score already. 5 nil. So what do you want me to say about this kid? What do you want me to say? He wasn't called last time. He wasn't called for the World Cup qualifiers because Greg volter according to himself, wanted to go with more experienced players. He also admitted same podcast shout out to Bobby water, I was doing a great job out there that against Panama, maybe he didn't start the most informed players. I'd argue right now. Is there a more informed right back than Joe scally? No there is not. I do not see a scenario where this man is not seen U.S. miss napster's shirt in the near future. So glad back with plenty of success this season so far against Byron of course took points off in the season opener. As for scally, he has started every single game for Borussia monsoon gladbach so far this season and he has finished all but one. Here's the youngster after the game. Yeah, I mean, what more can you ask for 5 zero against Byron? This is a crazy, it was a crazy game. It was a great result for us and Rogers so happy now and just need to celebrate it and grab this confidence into our next games. Like this power play in the first 20 minutes was so impressive. The plan before the match. Yeah, I mean, we always play good against Bayern. It's always a game to get up for it and be ready for so we all have this energy. And we brought it out in the first 20 minutes and we're up three zero and I mean, that's all you can ask for. And last but not least let us know how much time will it take until we fall asleep tonight. I will not fall asleep tonight. Hi hi. He will not sleep. Can you blame him? 18 years old and he's already taken points multiple times off Bayern Munich in his short time so far. In Germany, I'm supposed to ask you whether you think.

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