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This is episode one zero five of the voice by podcast Amy Stapleton Pete Haas and Dave Kemp join me today so we can discuss some of the most important insight shared by voice by podcast guests in our first one hundred episodes. Hello everyone out there and voiced by Land Brechin seller your host for the voice by podcast. We're having a little fun this week with a panel discussion about the first one hundred voice by podcast episodes so no this is not Meta voiced by podcast. There's been so many rich insights offered by voiced by podcast guests that it wanted to figure out a simple way to unlock if you those nuggets in case you missed the episodes I also wanted a vehicle to remind listeners about what has been said you may have heard the insight right the first time but if forgotten it's not top of mind this is a way to bring it back up. I also wanted to get some discussion going on some dedicated and erudite listeners about what was said by pass gas and what they thought mattered most so with one hundred episodes to choose from we narrowed it down by asking listeners like you to let me know their favorite episodes why our panelists also weighed in and by my count we discussed today parts of at least twenty three episodes that means it over three quarters. Were not even touched I will any of your favorites included. You're about to find out is Amy Stapleton Tells Pete Haase from bear escape and Dave capital Oaktree join me on the one hundred episode retrospective. What a long fruitful trip? It's Ben then but before we get started. I have to do a quick shout out to this week sponsor Trinity Audio. Do you love voiced by podcast. Do you get a lot of value in insight shared by my guests each week. Thank our sponsors on social media and visit their websites if you do I'd appreciate it so twenty audio enables publishers to turn readers into listeners by transforming their written content into lifelike speech.

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