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His thirty four year old Gregory Etcheveria of Brooklyn. It was trying to lift the weight into place when the accident occurred he was pronounced dead at the scene to others were taken lenox hill hospital for operation they suffered minor injuries. This is the third. Deadly construction accident in the city this week in another incident. Monday on the upper east side, a worker was killed by a falling piece of stone construction. Accident debts are far too common in New York City report from twenty seventeen indicates twenty three percent of worker debts in the city involve construction workers in SoHo MAC, Rosenberg WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty an extra hot day along the jersey shore after a fire broke out in ocean grove it happened just after noon flames were tracked down to the dunes. Boardwalk cafe where the roof collapsed. The fire also spread to the adjacent building firefighters quickly doused the flames. The damage though is reported to be extensive no injuries were reported NYPD on the hunt for an MTA bus passenger who has altered a driver Friday morning in the Bronx inside the shirt, the whole side of the shirt here in my left shoulder was soaked driver trellis Robinson tells CBS to she was doing her usual route when a man approached her and doused her with urine of shot. I could. And move. I stood there for a minute for two. She's hoping police can use bus surveillance video to track down the guy. She's taking some time off before heading back to work on a different route this time, according to the Transport Workers Union there were more than one hundred assault. I'm trying to workers last year. Talk about I opening police in Connecticut, say a man crashed his SUV into a strangers yard, and then wandered into the house. Completely naked happened this morning in Newtown. Luckily, the homeowners were out shopping thirty five year old Joseph arch botch from Watertown was arrested on a long list of charges, including DWI and criminal trespass. WCBS news time nine oh. Seven. Freetime tips and fun facts. From Paul Kristen index ter- at total wine and more garnishing your hand with.

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