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Jay GIO San Francisco. A Cumulus station. Now on Amazon just tell Alexa, play K G O eight ten. Government shutdown women's marches. I'm Anne Cates. President Trump will be making what he calls a major announcement this afternoon as the federal government shutdown continues for twenty nine th day and the Democrats craft a proposal house. Democrats reportedly will offer one billion dollars to fund border security measures, which would include improvements to ports of entry for Mexico. None of the funds would be eligible for building a border wall. President Trump has demanded five point seven billion dollars for wall. The offer from House Democrats, which the house could vote on early next week may not appease the president. But it does show a willingness on the part of the house to offer alternatives that might end the current stand-off if the house passes the Bill they're still guarantee the Senate majority leader will allow it to come before the full Senate for a vote. Linda Kenyon, Washington women's marches are being held today amid some contention dozens of large rallies and marches are taking place from coast to coast here in New York women's March alliance president, Catherine Semion goes. Said they have a lot to celebrate. Or to go from almost zero to one in five in congress. But they're also looking forward you're marching for your daughter's today's marches are taking place against the backdrop of controversy after leaders of the national organization women's March Inc were accused of fostering anti-semitism, and affiliated group is holding a competing rally here in New York Simion goes said the national organization has become divisive. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. One hundred million Americans are in.

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