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And killed during a traffic. Stop early the next morning. The suspect an illegal immigrant and known gang member has been charged with murder. That's FOX's Claudia Cowan in Modesto. This is Fox News. I'm Chad pergram at the speakers lobby. The house must approve new rules at the start of each congress. This is a contrast to the Senate which operates on a set of standing rules and precedents which rarely change. Democrats have some new rules in store the education, the workforce committee is now known as the education and labor committee. When Republicans ran the house they made a big deal of what they often described inaccurately as a three day rule for legislation to be available before it was up for a vote. But the GOP provision was really a parts of three days rule. Democrats will require that bills. Be posted a solid seventy two hours before hitting the floor. The houses barred members from wearing hats in the chamber since the early nineteenth century, but the new house rule allows headwear for religious reasons, the house will still banned democratic Florida congresswoman Frederica Wilson from wearing her signature cowboy hat on the floor. It's just a fashion statement. Minnesota's Ilhan, Omar one of two freshman, Muslim, female members will be permitted to Donaghy job or scarf. With the speakers lobby. Chad pergram, Fox News. A warning from British Prime Minister Theresa may that the country's democracy and Konami could be damaged. If parliament rejects the Brexit deal worked out between may and the European Union debate on the plan is scheduled for this week with a vote expected the week after an earlier vote had to be postponed after it became clear. The proposal would be rejected on the road in Iowa Senate democrat, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, continuing her tour of the early caucus state after launching a presidential exploratory committee, I can be in this fight.

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