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Time consuming. It's It's painful for everybody involved. We don't want to do that, he says. It's the tenants still not answering their phone or the front door who are at risk of infection. Carlene Johnson colonias the Seattle school district will have to provide after school tutoring for special education students who face significant delays getting in person instruction this past school year. The order, issued this month stems from a series of complaints about delayed or denied services and an attorney for families getting involved. Back. In March, We spoke with David Hamer stand whose nine year old son Paxton has autism. The family was struggling to provide at home the instruction that he would typically get at school. We are desperate to get our child back in school. The Seattle school district was one of the late last in the state to bring students back into the classrooms. The delay blamed in large part on negotiations with the teachers union. The state is currently reviewing the cases of 329 kids. To determine who may qualify for the additional after school instruction. Questions are being raised about the man who killed another homeless man in a part next to the King County courthouse. He'd been accused of assaulting another man in the park weeks earlier, but was released from jail after a nonprofit group paid his bail. Almost Matt market, which has been following the events at that crime ridden camp for a year. What we asked for, was this person to be held in jail because we believed he was going to commit another violent act. Folks didn't agree with us, and unfortunately he got out and kill the guy. Prosecutors asked for a $50,000 bail for studio following the wise Gerber assault the judge reduced to 20,000. After that there was a hearing. Where the bill was reduced to $5000 and then a group posted his bail and he was released. Court documents show That group was the Northwest Community Bail fund, which, according to its website, is a non profit. Advocating for bail reform and pays bail for poor people who would otherwise spend pretrial time in jail. That's almost Matt Markovich reporting common whose time 10 10 sheriff's officials say a deputy shot and killed an adult pet chimpanzee named Buck after it attacked a woman in eastern Oregon. The Tri City Herald reports that the chimpanzee had lived with the victim's mother for 17 years in Pendleton. Mattila County Sheriff's Office says the animals started attacking her adult daughter about eight o'clock Sunday morning. Kptv in Portland obtained a recording of the mothers. 911 call. I've locked myself in the basement with her. I can't get out to get my own gun. I'm the patio. You're going to have to do a head shot. The sheriff's office says the animal needed to be put down so they could get her daughter. Medical help. Frank Lindsay GloboNews coming this time 10 10 Beacon Plumbing. Sports Desk Update time. Here's Koesterich Heights. The Mariners began a two game series against the Colorado Rockies. Tonight. They have won four in a row and seven of their last 10 games. First pitches 7 10 AT T Mobile Park, the 12 and to Seattle storm or back home after a week long road trip to host the six and six Washington Mystics at seven o'clock tonight. Right. The MLS leading Sounders have three games over eight days. They beat the L. A Galaxy last Saturday to one. The play again tomorrow night at home against Real Salt Lake Lightning struck quickly last night is going to be played by Anthony Cirelli. The offensive zone. Let's go to stamp stamp goes hold high cycle or in a shot blocker about samples came.

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