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To help. People make the decision whether or not to be an entrepreneur the ramifications of the so called risk the so called Our Chip Times that you're going to have and so on and so forth. That's where I started and I have Encourage her of entrepreneurs for example in the book. I talk about sometimes. It's riskier or many times. It's riskier to work for somebody than it is to be your own entrepreneur for example. If you were for large company you know you can do very well as an employee but your baby. Your department doesn't do so well reflects on you or the division of the company doesn't do well or even the company itself and then all of a sudden you'd find your so the company sold its value and far less than everybody thought it was going to be worth it central. If you have your own company you're sort of set aside for those kinds of risks and the great thing about owning your own company is Sometimes you can sell it for value or you can pass it onto and hair a son or daughter or some relative There's so many advantages to being an entrepreneur over working for somebody now a lot of people associated. I degrees of risk. Be An entrepreneur. If Your Business concept is well thought out else and you're very well qualified to run your company or your medium size company. Whatever then I think. That's the best of both worlds will end. I love that you have this sort of smaller. Business Entrepreneurial Mindset you know I lovingly refer to them as a small entrepreneurs as distinct from a living out here in the Silicon Valley area what we refer to as Biggie entrepreneurs the entrepreneurs who go and raise several hundred million dollars venture capital and try to build the next facebook. Or what have you and so? I love that that sort of where you start because those small entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy..

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