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Time a and alan greenspan so you know in a criminal complaint it says on august seven v tip myself as well they they live six or seven other people in the criminal complaint and that we created three com and at the formal legal document i and when i showed that to my lawyer said all right are you traded it on august sabbath i said august sabbath i was at the federal reserve i didn't have access to a computer or a phone or anything else obviously they go into embargo stage uh when they do that decision on interest rate and it was like you said it was my father laws retirement dinner you of the federal reserve up on his car cargo federal reserve i and we were you know at lunch with alan greenspan of been renee in denver an eightyear you talking to my younger nephew is about ten about the yankees and the rent thoughtful and alan great fan was talking to my wife at the time about vegetable so i i was not hit by any measure uh until you know i think it was the next night when i got home i did he actually told me about it but it's my lawyer said look if they can get the date raw in a criminal complaint that the most important iv uh did you know that they could print you know it makes you question the rest of the veracity of the document so how were the how are they monitoring you how did they who i mean we were employees incremental be where we were they wired how how did this and if they get you the i mean that was again it was a little bit like an episode of the wire and i was a guy who was oblivious to at all and again even if i wasn't drinking i think i would have been oblivious.

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