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Thousand nine hundred ninety three the US Muslim Brotherhood Palestine committee organized a secret meeting in Philadelphia that the Federal Bureau of investigation the FBI wiretapped that participants which included two future care founders knee, hot Aiwa. The man you just heard from who demands that Tucker Carlson. And Janine Pirro be fired or they're going to run a boycott against FOX Nihar, a wad, and Omar Ahmad discussed how to support HAMAs and in the words of a two thousand nine ruling by a federal judge quote goals strategies in American perceptions of the Muslim Brotherhood, unquote. Mine was recorded discussing how to modify language about destroying Israel for an American audience. The need to creating new neutral entity for influencing US policy and opinion was agreed upon because as they said, quote, it is known who we are unquote care was formed by I wad and the next year in one thousand nine hundred ninety four US Muslim Brotherhood Palestine committee, meeting agenda includes quote suggestions to develop work of care and up. In two thousand seven the US government labeled care and unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the holy land foundation for financing, the HAMAs terrorist group care was listed among quote individuals. Entities who are where members of the US Muslim Brotherhood's Palestine committee, and or it's organizations, unquote. The Palestine committee is a secret body set up to advance the brotherhood slash HAMAs agenda. In two thousand seven a case against convicted terrorists Sabri Mukalla federal prosecutors claim from its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders care conspired with other affiliates. So the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists conspirators agreed to use deception to conceal from the American public their connections..

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