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Redfin, subject to minimum terms and conditions does not include buyer's Agent commission. Learn more at dot com or call 8447597732. When news breaks in Chicago or the world, you'll hear it here and we'll talk about it here. This is Chicago's very own 7 20 w G. M. It's 87 degrees at 5 30. Good evening. I'm more in love to Chicago Endures another violent weekend with at least 60 people shot seven. Fatally weak one in the NFL season wraps up tonight with a matchup in Las Vegas and the latest on the Bears Coming up in sports business and mixed flows for stocks as blue chips rally, But Tech stocks struggle. Mary Vandeveld has the latest in traffic and traffic is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The inbound Even still jammed into old orchard because of an earlier accident. About 30 minutes in from Lake Cook Road, Kennedy inbound from the Edens, an hour and five minutes. Same, heading outbound Eisenhower about 38 out to Mannheim, now an excellent reported inbound in Sacramento in the left lane Stevenson out to the tri state 40 and the inside of the Ryan heading to 95th slow from 31st delays on the bishop Ford out to 111th. Also decide the lakeshore drive Cotonou Street to Chicago. Little slow on 80 94 eastbound from Burnham to grant Excellent Oprah Terrace, Roosevelt and Butterfield. Also in Bartlett, Lake and Bartlett, driving, biking or Walking responsibly, really is a matter of life or death. Learn more online or through social media at life or death. Illinois dot com. Merry Band Belt, WGN Traffic Central..

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