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This year is ray lengthy hall of Famer so Gray was after going this year for a multitude of reasons He has a different perspective than some of the others on our committee from a different region and also a hall of Famer he gives us a really good insight into how the rest of the hall of famers are feeling and what they want out of this the goals and what our future really brings so then only is he sharing his back knowledge from the nominating process. But also as it carries on through you know what the future of the Hall of Fame Physical Location looks like and events. We could toast to call of that. So we're excited to have him join. And then the American royal it part of this more as a waiter monit monitor moderator when it comes to conversation so we're really there to help move the information to the nominating committee. Make sure we stay on track and get a get. Meet our deadlines and goals. Make sure we have all the information and that kind of thing so much as we are part of the Committee. I would say our voices The one that's really making sure that we hit our goals were This grouping based strong and picking the the top nine right we are being joined here by Emilie. Parker's we are getting ready to announce the nine seven finalists that will be eligible for potential induction into the class of two thousand twenty Barbecue Hall of fame. Here one last question before we get to that Emily for the folks today that are making it into the nine are they under some kind of a similar decay period. Like that big pool. Or if you don't get in this year you will start with a there are going to be any carryovers in that semi-finalist lists it will be a fresh nine right from the beginning. You could have some extra ones or some names that show from year to year. But you're not carrying anybody who that is correct so there is no carry over in the semi finalist list. We take the full pool and discuss every single person again because the year prior so they're potentially could be people who drop off of the semi finalist list or people who stay on Multiple years either is fine but yes each. Each name voted on because that year or emily. Are you ready? I'm ready are you ready? Do I am all right? Emily go we are going to announce the nine seven finalists and they will then be sent out to vote. Oh that should be. I'm sorry I'm teased and now I'm pulling back once we come up with these nine. These are sent out to the current living hall of fame members. Vote on top. Three will be the ones that comprise the class. That is right now just to reconfirm for any of the members that were put in posthumously. Or maybe they've passed away from do they were live when they got into. They are now Those are those people aren't voted nor are those votes passed down to some living member for them to take up for. It's just whoever is living and in the hall of fame is going to be the ones casting. Those final votes added correct all right now. We're ready I turn the floor over to you in no particular order emily habit. Okay all right. So the two thousand twenty semi finalists for the Barbieri Hall of fame are as follows. William Bill Arnold Aaron Franklin meathead Goldwyn..

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