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Free in home estimate. 7 11 now, and a woman who was a longtime diplomat with a State Department was killed while riding her bike on river road last Thursday. Now her husband is raising money and calling for bike safety improvements. Sierra Leone and camp was just in the river road bike lane for a few hundred yards as she rode home from her two sons new elementary school when she was hit. Now her husband is raising money to support groups, advocating for bike safety, the statement on GoFundMe, he said, ling and camp was committed to biking, she banked every day all over the world, including in western Africa, and most recently in Ukraine, where she had been working with the country on anti corruption. She and her family had just moved to Bethesda after evacuating from Ukraine, in that statement he says if cities want to make themselves bikeable, they need to do more than just paint lines. They've already raised over $80,000. Luke Luger news. The senior Secret Service official who broke with agency precedent to serve as a political adviser during former president Trump's administration is now retiring. Tony ornata was at the center of testimony by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson about the former president's actions January 6th. The 25 year veteran of federal law enforcement who served under 5 presidents is said to be leaving the agency in good standing. His departure follows the announcement of President Biden's next pick to lead the agency, Kim cheadle. Federal headlines is presented by periton doing the can't be done for national security. I'm Peter McIlroy and here are your top headlines from federal news network. The Defense Department's industrial based policy office is starting a new pilot program aimed at leveraging private capital for manufacturing. The two year program will focus on advanced manufacturing for agricultural purposes and for chemicals for munitions that can be quickly brought to production. And the energy department is looking for help with its $400 million lithium ion battery recycling efforts, DOE wants feedback on how federal investments can speed up battery recycling. It's part of the justice 40 initiative where 40% of certain federal dollars are being directed to disadvantaged communities. For more on these stories, go to federal news network dot com. Coming up on WTO, South Carolina lawmakers consider banning abortion altogether. 7 13

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