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Speaking of a cure for the vaccine, Robert Kennedy Jr Incredibly claimed that Dr Fauci will make millions on a Corona virus vaccine because he owns half of the pattern. That's been fact check. We'll talk about that later on this show. Now I want you to meet her Illinois high school teacher. Who's been fired because of Facebook post. What did she say on her Facebook post? Quote. I'm about fax to seeking and love. I will speak on any topic. I choose because I live in a free country. I find the term white privilege as racist as the inward. You have not walked in my shoes either. So do not make assumptions about me and about my so called privilege. You think America's racist. Then you've been Hoodwinked by the white liberal establishment and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, travel the world and go see that every nation has racism. And some much more than others. But few make efforts such as we do to mitigate it or to eliminate it. And, of course, she also recommended the works of Thomas, Soul Activists canIs Owens and quote author and radio host Larry Elder, according to article called reclaimed the net dot org's She also argued that there was a deeper problem in racism. Ah, and she finished by recommending that the black community stop believing Democrats quote mainstream media and intellectuals in Ivory Towers. She's been teaching for 20 years at Palatine High School in Illinois. Ah, and is a 25 year Palatine alumni and Facebook friend. Ah and She has now been voted it was five to of termination. She initially with decided to tender a resignation and then change your mind on the school board voted 5 to 2 Terminator, Please welcome to the program. Jean has Hedgepeth. Hey,.

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