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And they had this the best vegan chocolate cake oh yeah and i loved it so much and then you go and it's forty grams of sugar yeah well they weren't making a sugarfree but but that's where it's like what is worse for you then well that's the thing that's like a philosophical it is because i'm telling you that sugar is what they were for you if a if i've deeds as yes and dairy products in i'm taking the dairy because that's a philosophical question but the day's horrible frail nato and what he is forty grams of sugar yes chrissy i'm with you i don't eat that again my mom had inorganic bakery we don't need that crap but people kind like f your you're red velvet brown it's like yet because it's with pete route diver trying to likes instead of cancer yeah what is you call it cancer color it's this i can't believe he wants to do that i see insane yeah so let's children let's get over the would you kalyan cancer color yes exactly stop at that are all use natural stop at the sugar and once you get over there and telling you you can you can do it get over the sugar all right week who am i talk in this next segment crazy oh you love him and france from the a autobody traffic death and just got word of occur fire truck fire for the bay point on ramp to westbound highway four now the brushfire i mentioned last time around has really turned into something it's in sunnyvale and it's around two thirty seven and one on one that interchange so i'm seeing southbound one approaching two thirty seven really jamming up as is west to thirty seven approaching one wind now speaking of one on one as you travel at near ffl there's a crash in milbury southbound one one south of milbradt avenue clearing from the left lane traffic's jammed from.

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