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I was a kid and before jc penney's parking garage and wolfgang you saw a story on is it ktar kt kt channel eleven is it gonna close serious there's a story that we're gonna play right now be vitalized downtown anchorage it's a big question but according to some things are moving in the right direction ktel evans lauren maxwell is live downtown and lauren what can you tell us about the plans well there's no denying that alaska is a beautiful state in the parts of anchorage that are breathtaking but downtown isn't always considered one of them and that's something that some people say should change during the day downtown anchorage is fairly bustling but it night many of these same streets are empty people who are trying to change that saved downtown needs to be a place where people want to visit but also to live we need to have more residential activity because anchorage should not be a place that rolls up the sidewalks when the workday is done business leaders gotta look at several developments that are currently in the works for downtown anchorage parcels that could soon sport condos or hotels then there's this the transformation of the downtown transit center the anchorage community develop into thority hopes to finalize a deal is early as next week that would add a one hundred forty three room hotel forty three apartments and a restaurant and bar if things work out they could break ground very soon you could have construction starting either later this year towards the end of the year or early next spray plans call for more building but there's also a landmark that may be coming down the jc penney parking garage was built in nineteen seventy two engineers say the aging structure needs a lot of money to make it safe if it's going to last beyond the next five years but the engineering studies show you get out past five years you're going to have to really make the determination to make some significant investments and the challenge is when we look at those investments that need to be made that are required to extend the life you can't do it make any sense it's better just to tear the whole thing down rebuild they hope to reach an agreement with jc penney that includes new parking but also be a place.

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